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About iRefIndex costs and donating.
About iRefIndex costs and donating.

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iRefIndex provides an index of protein interactions available in a number of primary interaction databases including BIND, BioGRID, CORUM, DIP, HPRD, InnateDB, IntAct, MatrixDB, MINT, MPact, MPIDB and MPPI.



Download version 15.0 of the iRefIndex in PSI-MITAB tab-delimited format.

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More about iRefIndex

More ways to access iRefIndex, documentation, release notes, citations and references, technical details, mailing list, contact and license.

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More about Donaldson Research

Support for updates to and use of iRefIndex can be provided by Donaldson Research.

Donations welcome

About iRefIndex costs and donating. -->


Suggestions, requests, comments and questions are welcome.

Ian Donaldson email me